David Amram has worked with joe s. on projects in Miami, Boston, Atlanta, and New York. Always multiple shows all over town with musicians from all over the world.

Amram Interview on joe s. radio show about starting Shakespeare in the Park with Joe Papp.

Gimmi, best Pal ever! Most known for his work on PUCK in the
Puppet Thriller Summer Sizzler. A MID SUMMER NIGHT'S ICE CREAM!

joe siracusa  theatre man

Love open air mobile roaming epic public theatre in flames and pyrotechnics in the streets.

Some of the. Open-Air Theatre Greats I had the opportunity to work with could hold any audience anywhere in awe. Achim Rohde from Koln, Germany is one of the great theatre people of all time. Achim built a colossal theatre festival circuit. This theatre festival era brought out remarkable talent. Many unforgettable artists like George Isherwood SHEER MADNESS; Tony Maples KAKTUS; Leo Bassi, Italy; Abel & Gordon, Brussels; Minni Marx, Scotland; Rapheal Marx, Switzerland. There were so many world class performers from places worldwide. My group THE PHONE BOOTH THEATRE COMPANY toured this festival network for several years.

The Valor Files

When I was directing 100 opera singers in a wild Macbeth workshop at Athena Greece School in Central New York, the opera singers started calling me "The Shakespeare Guy". At the time I was also conducting acting classes and coaching seniors on their audition pieces and it caught on. That's how I got the name. I have taken great liberty with Shakespeare to make it popular and accessible. A significant part of my journey has been to work with people in many "public" situations where there were no resources for funding. Never turned any group down who couldn't afford the work. It is the ultimate honor to play in the theatre.     joe s.
  Born in The Finger Lakes region, joe s. was greatly influenced by American History and Civil Rights.
  The wonderful honor to create shows is a thrill. Ergo people having fun is the essence of the work I cherish.
  Theatre in the open air is something magic for people to bring souls together; share some fleeting moments. My life in the theatre is truly blessed.
  The beheading of Marie Antoinette in the historic neighborhood of Allentown in Buffalo, NY.  Winner "Best Play" Award.
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Hello. joe s. worked in over 200 cities in Europe, Canada and the United States producing original work in theatre, education and large scale events. Now, he is building 'truthspaper' positive news; Broadcast Journal Syndicate. He is also working on his first comic strip as creator and producer of GO SPACE KITTY! The Constitution Kitty. Below are links to stories in the truthspaper network. Positive community news from different places about people, pets and a healthy planet. Please feel welcome to check out a few destinations from the wide range of images.