joe s. produces large scale public events, theatre, open air spectacles, and "Live" Internet Television Broadcast.


The network television experience of joe s. is the basis for The BBBLive, a new theatre company dedicated to preserving the endangered American art form of "Live" TV. The pioneer days of television did not have recording capabilities. They could only send and receive the signal but had no way to record it. Ergo, all shows were written and rehearsed quickly then broadcast "live".The BBBLive; The Broadcast Black Box Live, will air cultural events and original shows for the Internet followed by workshops and discussions related to the subject matter and the production. The BBBLive can broadcast from a black box theatre anywhere in the world. Eventually, it will grow into a "live" global theatre district on the Internet.
"Live" TV people adopted me thank heaven. I worked on many shows with Lee Miller in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Pittsburgh, Miami, Miami Beach and I was his shadow for the Jerry Lewis Telethon. The Lee Miller, Sid Tessler, Ron Friedman blessing was truly sent from heaven. These variety show people inspired me to do the great American art of "live" Television

The place in space and time where live theatre meets live TV and technology to broadcast "Live" TV shows over the Internet.



The BBBLive will broadcast original TV shows in the tradition of "live" network TV variety specials and the pioneer days of radio and television. The BBBLive will provide entertainment and culture with no interrupting commercials followed by interactive global discussions with related industry leaders.


Mindy Kanaskie is one of the best people ever and has tremendous ability on both sides of the brain. She is a top TV producer, excellent script doctor and instinctive TV series developer.China Beach, ER and the producer of The West Wing to name a few. Great theatre person too!
Bobby Finkel was a very special talent from The Golden Age of Television; so inspiring and fun to work with. So much energy and love for life. His very long list of TV HITS includes: The Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, The People's Choice Awards, The Andy Williams Show,  Miss Universe Pageant and The Colgate Comedy Hour with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.
Fritz Huges Dutch film producer(left), Karl Streuli Swiss film producer(right), were the two partners of Arcadia Film Produkties. Worked with them for eight years and began using extensive "sound tracks" for "live" theatre. Thanks guys!
TV spots James & Perkins Agency. International Coke Cola Commercial. Lead part. Aired in 17 countries.
Sam Denoff is one of the funniest most friendly people in showbiz! Writer producer, Sam was a comic genius. That Girl, The Julie Andrews Show, The Ed Sullivan Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show.
television: a system for transmitting transient images of fixed or moving images together with sound; visual images and sound that are reproduced on screens, chiefly used to broadcast programs on entertainment, education and information.

Broadcast Journal Syndicate

Broadcast Journal Syndicate

Hollywood writer Michael Golberg a.k.a. "Golds", joe s. and Michael Skloff, the composer for TV hit Friends wrote SUCKERS-A VamPoppera! Golds was just brilliant. Lightning speed intellect, razor sharp humor and a big loud bursting laugh that never apologized, most know for his comedy COOL RUNNINGS.

joe s. "Live" variety TV shows and network television background.

People are the magic! Bringing people together to make impossible shows happen drives a person mad, insane, delirious with gratitude for all the angels that blessed that life.

Crucial Connections

theatre: a building or outdoor area in which plays and other dramatic performances are given; playhouse, auditorium, amphitheater; a collaborative form of fine art that uses live performers to present the experience of real or imagined events before a live audience. 


  Save Humans

  Fighters for...           TRUTH!


 And the KITTY WAY!

From ghoulies and ghosties. And long-leggedy beasties. And things that go "bump" in the night, Good Lord, deliver us! Super hero kitty from outer space saves humans from themselves! GO SPACE KITTY! The Constitution Kitty!
Do you care about water? You can't drink oil or money. When the Earth's H2O is contaminated, who gets the last good water? Who?
Shakespeare graphics using my pics of Holmesburg Prison in Philadelphia.
Mini Marx as Moody Garland from the MOO LAWN ROUGE
 COW OF THE BASKETCASES spoof on Hound of the Baskervilles with EIN WER KUH! A werecow instead of a werewolf with super comedians.
John Sincebaugh and his family are among my biggest support and inspiration to overcome obstacles. John, a 34 year retired veteran worked with General MaCarther in the Pentagon. Big Irish heart, love and valor.
Lee Miller is the ultimate blessing of my life. I was his shadow for several years. Working on the biggest TV show in history, the Jerry Lewis Telethon, was an absolute honor.
  Jimmy California
  Stormy Weather
Alexander Steneck a.k.a. "Techno". We produced every kind of show thinkable: festivals, fashion, art, concerts and large scale spectacles. He went off the hook at Buring Man for years.
We produced shows in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Barbara, Pittsburgh, Miami including a major indoor/outdoor public event with Mayor Manny Diaz the inaugural year of Art Basel.

The Valor Files

 SHAKESPEARE'S GREATEST HITS! By the time I joined the show it had played thousands of times and won awards all over Europe.
SHEER MADNESS Legendary European theatre group form by George Isherwood. George was a Latin teacher from Philadelphia who ran off to Amsterdam to become a for runner in public theatre, large outdoor spectacles and outrageous funny comedy and shtick mixed with profound drama and amazing movement. Truly a theatre genius and visual artist, director, writer, performer, organizer, producer it goes on and on.
George Isherwood
 THE PORTRAIT OF DORIAN GRAY opened at The Kleines Theatre in Berlin and went on a run of nearly 700 performances in eight countries.


Michael Hall Leading Seattle Fashion Producer Spectacular Hair Makeup & Beauty Creations
The dynamics of theatre and fashion are closely related. I love the explosive attack, the speed and the super charged creativity and collaboration. Thousands of hours of work for minutes of fun!
Michael Hall & joe s. worked together on fashion events in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, Vancouver, Miami and Miami Beach. They were working to combine theatre, dance, music, fashion, sculpture and art to create a performance show of new dimension. Michael is a creative super star! He is the best! His work, exemplar!
The Redye fashion photo up left with five women has Charlene Parsons in the center and Lily Cardet next to Charlene on the right. These two incredible, amazing, profound people were a major influence and a big chapter in my journey. We did fashion shows all over Miami, Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, Brickell and South Florida. The outstanding world class education and powerful influence on the fashion industry is evident by their contribution, their relentless energy and discipline, and their high standards of professional demand and community heart. BRAVO! Very grateful to have learned so much.

Isaac Hayes (right) called me personally to be the Grand Marshall of Worldfest and host the opening ceremony. And that is what he did.

NAPOLEON was a huge, supposedly onetime, giant spectacle in one of the oldest squares in Amsterdam to kick off the FESTIVAL OF FOOLS. The show toured all over Europe for years. Then decades later joe s. created the GUILLOTNE series in Buffalo and won best play at INFRINGEMENT FESTIVAL 2012.
Peter Max   Atlanta Symphony Aster Aweke    Abel & Gordon Marco Carolei David Amram Africa Oye           La Petite Fanfare
100 shows from
31 countries
287 performers 140,000 people
3 stages nonstop
For 3 days FREE
Marty Siracusa far left, Contiguglia Twins in Tuxedos, Lee Miller center, Doris Salje (Berlin) left of Lee and Cheryl Festa on his right. One of first Internet broadcast of a major event.
Left to right. joe s, Al Lehman, Marty Siracusa, George & Janet Sherman.
13 CMU graduates start Europe theatre company in Amsterdam. Above, flying through the air, Tom Delventhal, one of my favorite theatre people and best actors ever! SCAPIN, Moliere,Festival of Fools.


Melissa Campbell

John Shotwell

    My brother Marty (above far left) is a very special person with tremendous talent, heart and passion.
CITY JAM one of the first Internet broadcasts of a major event. Downtown Miami from the Doubletree Grand Hotel. Art, fashion, celebrities and the Contiguglia Twins.
Mayor Alex Pennelas

WORLDFEST_Atlanta Galleria 140,000

Aster Aweke, "the Ella Fitzgerald of Ethiopia is an amazing artist. I will never forget the electrifying show she put on for a midnight concert at WORLDFEST. It was her first concert in United States. Below two tracks of Aster now and then.
Marco Carolei is the most famous clown from Italy. He can go anywhere anytime and make a fabulous show.
Even years ago at the USA premier concert, Antonio Pinho Vargas was the leading jazz pianist of Portugal.
Produced 20 to 30 major fashion events (see sponsors), don't know how many we were on fire. The big Latin Extravaganza three weeks after the 911 attack was the biggest outdoor event in Brickell, the second leading banking center of the United States after Wall Street. Morton's Steakhouse served tri-tip tip sandwiches with a Brooks Brothers fashion show.
public: of or concerning people as a whole; done, perceived or existing in open view; ordinary people in general; people, citizens, the community. WORLDFEST happened because of many people and a few extraordinary, exceptional titans: Marty Siracusa, Kelly Johanna Burghdurf, Geoff McKnight, Mark Murray and Tad Leithead. Thanks!
 "If it's not on the page it's not on the stage." It was a great honor to be a part of The Playwright's Group in Los Angels with Artistic Director, JoAnna Miles. This group of writers are among the most successful and exciting writers in the world and the "top bananas" in Hollywood. Gloria Goldsmith, the Gertrude Stein of our time, a.k.a. as Dame Goldsmith introduce me to this amazing group. Irv Elman and Tex, Chester Krunholz, Yabo Yablonski, David Scott Milton, Dorothy McGuire, Jeff Davis, Sherl Henderson, Ted Epstein and Iris Merlis. JoAnna and Iris are two of the most profound artists in Hollywood. Not only do have a history of commercial success dating back to their days at Vassar, they have also reached pinnacles of artistic expression both with daring original works and the very best of classic dramatic literature.
Sabina Fromm, owner Kleines Theatre & joe s. Berlin.
Insane fabulous drummers! Zlatko Kaucic left percussion set and above with joe s. and with Tony Maples (amazing performer, writer, director). Desperate times touring Venice, Italy.
Charles Ludlam. Brilliant theatre icon. He directed me in THE COUNTRY WIFE. A tiny part (The Quack} becomes the epicenter of scandals and gossip! Susan Forbes (right) and Doris Saje, Berlin (below) are dynamic theatre people, creators, directors, producers and both are top, top educators.
Doris Salje (left) a producer of special guest director series BERLIN HAS FEVER with David Byrne  from Talking Heads. Phillip Glass, Richard Schechner, Andrzej Wajda and joe s.
Buffalo INFRINGEMENT FESTIVAL, biggest grass roots community festival in America. No corporate sponsors. No censorship. Melissa Campbell (hoops) John Shotwell (tech) giant Shakespeare Puppet. Two fantastic theatre festival people who are essential powerful forces in the cultural landscape from historic  Allentown in Buffalo. Allentown was the first trading post to the wild west and a center and hotbed for civil issues from the beginning. Today it is still vibrant where many battles for equality were fought and won.
Private, DRESS LIKE THE STARS, fashion luncheon for Miami dignitaries and Cynthia Hart THE WOLF LADY!
versace valentino ungaro lagerfeld dolce & gabbana
Celebrity psychic located 1016 missing persons since the age of four. Cynthia & Andrea Dougherty Cultural Affairs Miami Dade County.
Cynthia Hart The Wolf Lady!
Friend of Wolves & Whales

 Le Firme

Achim Rohde and joe s. go over festival layout at The Atlanta Galleria. Achim is one of the great theatre and festival producers of all time.
Below left to right. Pan Optikum. David Amram. La Petite Fanfare. The Contiguglia twins. Nearly all of the international performers that Marty, Kelly (co-producers) and joe s. introduced to America are among the most prominent successful artists in their homeland.
Abel & Gordon are talented comedians from Brussels Husband wife team. Grads of Lecoq in Paris.
Patrick Daly bandanna and marching drum below. Derroch Greer as PUCK right of Patrick. Directly below two of the best Annie Shea & Alex Wright (Bottom & Titania). Under them renaisance man Hue Eston and raving theatre genius director to the right. Jorger Guerra Castor.
Anna Devere Smith, my freshman acting teacher at Carnegie Mellon University was one of the definitive experiences of my life. Anna is not a keg of dynamite she is a whole giant warehouse full. Truly a gifted sage of the theatre, Anna gave me the love for the edge, the love for daring and the love for the struggle. This catapulted me into public theatre, public events, educational challenges with very small or no funds available. Ergo I dared to do it anyway. Art is for everyone.
  spectacle: a visually striking performance or display; show, parade, pageant, extravaganza.


Michael Skloff, Composer

Emmett Van Slyke, Composer

One of the first theatre collaborations between east and west when the Berlin wall came down. Pan Optikum is now a famous fire circus in Germany.
David Amram and Del Mar keyboards for Sting and Peter Gabriel and David Spangler, downtown Miami world beat concert.
It was an honor to work with so many cities and cultural officials. I had the priviledge to have the support of Congressman Lewis and Mayor Andrew Young in Atlanta. Also, worked on many projects all over Miami and Miami Beach with Mayor Alex Pennelas and Mayor Manny Diez including a huge multi-performance area show at Arts Institute Miami for the inaugural year of Art Basel.
  joe s. produced one of the largest open air events in Brickell as well as producing the BRICKELL ENTERTAINMENT publication and concert series.
Emmett Van Slyke (above) and Michael Skloff (below) are brilliant composers, musicians and super theatre people.
   Composer Michael Skloff